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Mobile device detection with PHP: 2 methods compared

I’ve been working on a mobile version of the (dutch) translation website I founded. Apart from releasing the mobile site itself, it’s of course also important to make people aware of the existence of it. That’s exactly the reason why I started looking for a script that performs mobile device detection. The aim of such a script is to detect who visits the www-version of my website with a mobile device and automatically redirect those visitors to the mobile site.

Within a couple of minutes I already found a couple of php-scripts that perform the trick. After reading through the code and checking some comments on blogs I ended up with two candidates:

1) A script by Andy Moore on mobiForge
2) A script by Russell Beattie

That left me with the next dillema, which one to pick?

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Cross-browser ‘bookmark this site’ script

I always thought that only Microsoft Internet Explorer supported a ‘bookmark this site’ functionality. By doing some research on the web I found a few code snippets that did the trick for other browsers as well. I compiled these scripts together in the following bookmarkthis(title, url) function. It’s completely cross-browser (compatible with IE4+, Firefox 1.x+ and Opera7+). Have fun with it!

function bookmarkthis(title,url) {
  if (window.sidebar) { // firefox
     window.sidebar.addPanel(title, url, "");
  } else if (document.all) { // IE
     window.external.AddFavorite(url, title);
  } else if (window.opera && window.print) { // opera
     var elem = document.createElement('a');