Monthly Archives: March 2007

Why is netvibes getting that much attention in the blogosphere?

I’m always a bit surprised by the amount of attention that is given to netvibes in the blogosphere. Sure, it’s a great app and they are pretty successful in what they are doing. The same however holds for other personalized homepages like Pageflakes and Protopage. I always assumed that all the buzz was caused by the fact that most early adopters are using netvibes, a recent poll on read/writeweb however proves the opposite. Exactly 1700 people answered the question: which personalized homepage do you use?

The top3:
1. Pageflakes (30%)
2. Google reader (26%)
3. Netvibes (21%)

Now it’s time to compare these numbers with the attention that number 1 (pageflakes) and number 3 (netvibes) are receiving from the blogosphere.

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Cross-browser ‘bookmark this site’ script

I always thought that only Microsoft Internet Explorer supported a ‘bookmark this site’ functionality. By doing some research on the web I found a few code snippets that did the trick for other browsers as well. I compiled these scripts together in the following bookmarkthis(title, url) function. It’s completely cross-browser (compatible with IE4+, Firefox 1.x+ and Opera7+). Have fun with it!

function bookmarkthis(title,url) {
  if (window.sidebar) { // firefox
     window.sidebar.addPanel(title, url, "");
  } else if (document.all) { // IE
     window.external.AddFavorite(url, title);
  } else if (window.opera && window.print) { // opera
     var elem = document.createElement('a');

Musicovery, discover new music

Just came across an interesting site:

Musicovery enables you to discover music that fits your mood. There’s music available for every genre (from rap to disco) and after you’ve selected your current mood, musicovery will suggest some tracks. It’s not only fun to play around with the nice visual interface, you also discover lots of new artists and music that you may want to download buy.