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Searching through video’s with speech-to-text

Speech recognition is one of those technologies which has been around for quite a while, but has not yet found it’s way to large-scale utilization in the industry. Yes, we’ve probably all talked to a computer of the airline reservation center once in our live, but I wouldn’t call that real speech recognition. You will have to choose between a couple of words, and if you say something different, they will redirect you to one of the choices anyway. This is what we call a small vocabulary speech recognition application. It is useful (I guess) but not what I think the best use case of speech technology.

The main problem researchers are facing is that each person’s style of speech is very different. And, especially if more people are in the same conversation, the speech recognition technology should be able to deal with all those different styles and vocabularies. I don’t expect it to take many more years before technology will be able to deal with those complications but there is some good news already!  Continue reading

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Have your photo analysed by emotion recognition software

The research department of the company I work for is working on a new project in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam. Today we launched a new website,, which enables you to have your photo analysed by advanced emotion recogniton software. The technology behind this project is the result of extensive research by the Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam. It’s the same technology that was previously used to decode Mona Lisa’s emotions (she was 83% happy!).

I like the fact that the result of scientific research is demonstrated to the public with projects like this. And… it’s a fun way to discover the actual emotions of famous people or your loved ones.