Monthly Archives: October 2006

Matt answers some questions about pagerank

If you are a SEO man (or woman), interested in search engine technology and thus the mechanism behind Google’s pagerank, you should check out the blog of Matt Cutts on a regular basis. As many know, Matt works at Google and often has something interesting to tell us.

In this post, Matt answers some questions about pagerank. I made the following selection of answers that I found interesting:

Will the data centers using the slightly older infrastructure be updated in due course, or will my PR be split by data center for the next couple of months?

The latter. I think most data centers are running the newer infrastructure for things like info:, related:, link: and PageRank, and I believe every data center that has that newer infrastructure has the recent snapshot of PageRank now. I wouldn’t be surprised if it took at least 1-2 months for the other data center IPs to get the newer infrastructure in some way. (Yes, this is smaller, different infrastructure than the stuff that made site: queries have more accurate results estimates.)

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