Just another …

After some posts as guestblogger here and there, I decided the time was right to start a blog of my own. So I grabbed the latest wordpress version, did some slight theme modifications and uploaded it to my webserver. Ready to rock.

Then it happens, you enter the admin of your blog and see this default tagline: “Just another wordpress weblog”. Right, they do have a point there. This is just another weblog, having changed the tagline doesn’t make a hell lot of difference. So why even bother?

Well… mainly because I enjoy blogging. I’m reading and discussing the webnews day-in day-out, why not discuss it online as well? Besides that, I think that blogging on a regular basis will force me to think about things that I would have skipped otherwise. Last, but not least, I really hope to learn a lot from the discussion with readers of my blog.

Alright, time to study the wordpress widgets a bit more. Anyone who can recommend me some tagging & social bookmarking widgets?

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