The story of a crocodile hunter

So, you’ve been a crocodile hunter for most of your live. Never afraid, even not for the biggest crocodiles. Then, when you enjoy the beautyfull underwater-world of Great Barriere Reef, you get strucked by a stingray and die. What a story.

A couple of days later, Steve Irwin (the crocodile hunter who we are talking about) is almost dominating the web. His own website can’t deal with the high number of requests and is seriously offline. In all of the major search engines, “Steve Irwin” and “Crocodile Hunter” are among the most executed queries. A tribute to Steve is one of the most viewed videos on youtube. This weeks most popular story on digg is about Steve as well.

It’s also remarkable to see the huge power of consumer generated content. The wikipedia page about Steve Irwin is already completely up-to-date, where MS Encarta doesn’t even seem to know who Steve Irwin is.

So, what lessons can we learn from this?
a) never come too close to a frightened stingray
b) become a crocodile hunter and die tragically if you really (and I mean really) nead a lot of traffic to your website

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